Saturday, December 18, 2010

Are we ready for more goats?

Well I opened up this blog account a little while ago thinking sometime in the future I will have something to say and some time to write.  Thinking of something to say is easy.  My life is busy and full of surprises.  Between the kids, the animals, and life in general something is always happening.   If that something is interesting…well that is up to the reader to decide.  Finding the time to write is the biggest challenge. 
I haven’t spent much time outside on our mini farm since the birth of my son Luke in September.  My husband likes to say I have kept myself cocooned up in the house.  So needless to say, I haven’t spent much time around the goats, chickens, or dogs.   With my husband leaving the house when its dark and getting home after its dark he hasn’t been able to see if our doe goat is showing any signs of going into heat. 
Well today when I went out to the mailbox to mail some cards I notice that our goat, Sage, was extra talkative.   So I called the hubby and asked where the buck rag was.  For those of you wondering, it is a rag with the scent of a male goat on it.  I needed to check her response to the stinky cloth to find out if she was in heat.  She seemed pretty excited about it and tried to take it out of the jar.  So hopefully she is in heat and we can get her bred. 
Now I am thinking to myself, how in the world am I going to be able to milk her next spring.  Luke is going to be 9 months old.  Hubby tells me to just put him in the stroller and I reply, “It is not that simple.  Ethan and Hailey will have him pushed down into the gully before I even get Sage on her milking stand.”   Well I guess I’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity and ask for an Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining for Christmas.           

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