Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Visit to Red Lily Vineyards in Applegate

This past weekend my husband surprised me with an early Valentine's date out to Red Lily Vineyards in the Applegate.   We had been looking forward to visiting the vineyard since we had a glass of their Tempranillo at The Twisted Cork in Grants Pass.  It was such a rich and luscious wine and we couldn't wait to check out the vineyard.  Red Lily Vineyards greeted us with a bright and friendly staff, as well as a generous tasting.  Our tasting included a sparkling white wine, a terrific viognier, a beautiful rose`, and two sensuous tempranillos.
   They have a nice local food menu to compliment their wines.  We chose the spinach and swiss pot pies from Pennington Farms.  It also came with a side of spicy arugula.  The presentation of our meal was beautiful and tasted wonderful.  We choose the Red Blanket 2007 Tempranillo to accompany our meal.  It is a smooth and luscious wine with hints of cherry.  The wine finishes with an undertone of smoke and vanilla.  This medium bodied wine is like a chenille blanket, soft and cozy.  We had a wonderful experience at the vineyard, and look forward to our next visit.  I would take a relaxing sunny afternoon next to the fireplace at Red Lily Vineyard, over an overcrowded restaurant in town any day.   

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