Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is my son's favorite time of year to visit the feed store.  He is so excited when the baby chicks arrive because he knows he gets to bring some home.  Last week he picked out a couple of baby Golden Lakenvelders.  And tomorrow we are going to go back to The Grange Co-Op to pick up three more chicks for FREE!   It is Chick Days at the The Grange Co-Op and you can get three free chicks when you purchase a 40lb. or 50lb. bag of Rouge Poultry Feed.  This is a great time to replenish your chicken family or start raising chickens.  We love having our chickens.  They give us an never ending bounty of fresh and beautiful eggs.  And hours of fun for our children.  It is nearly impossible to get my son back in the house in the morning when I send him outside to let the chickens out for the day.  The Chick Days sale at the Co-Op starts tomorrow March 2nd and runs through the 11th.     

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