Thursday, April 28, 2011

Delicious Healthy Snacks and Gluten Free Pasta Deal on Amazon!!

If you have never tried the Revolution Foods Jammy Sammy Snacks you need to.  Many of their items are wheat free, however they are not marked gluten free.  My kids love these snacks and I just recently found them on Amazon for a great deal.  You can save 30% off of these snack squares when you enter code PLUMOR33 at checkout.  Plus save an additional 15% if you sign up for subscribe and save.   Unfortunately the sale ends soon on April 30.  Another great Gluten Free item  I recently found at Amazon was Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pagoda Pasta in a 10 lb case for only $32.29.  That equates to only $1.60 per 8oz compared to $2.89 for an 8oz box at the local grocery stores.  My family and I love the quinoa pasta much better than other gluten free pastas on the market.  It isn't as starchy as the brown rice pasta and it has a great flavor and bite.  I actually enjoy it more than whole wheat pasta.

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